Model Aircraft — Remote Controlled

Lance Tanaka began to build this project from scratch in September 2019.
The open source working drawings were provided by Flite Test. Lance printed
templates from the drawings. He pasted them to foam board with a glue stick,
and cut them out with a utility knife. By December all of the parts were ready.
The wing was fully assembled, including servos and ailerons. Lance tested their
operation with a model aircraft transmitter. Without the battery the finished
model weighs approximately 156 grams. The design is based on the Corsair,
a military aircraft which flew during the Second World War.

  1. Project Description

  2. Tutorial and Plans

  3. Planforms In 3–Point View (vertical orthographic projection)

  4. Completed Model as Built by Flite Test

  5. Exploded View of Foam Board Parts

  6. Time-lapse of Wing Construction (no electronics installed)

  7. Bench Test Setup of Electronic Controls

    Two only 5 gram servos for ailerons, 5 gram servo for rudder
    9 gram servo for elevator, 800 mAh LiPo battery
    4 channel sport receiver, 20 amp ESC (brushless motor speed controller)

  8. Wing Servos in Operation