Students use the C language to program their microcontrollers. The Arduino Uno programmer is the hardware device which installs the program on a microcontroller. One of the many advantages of the Arduino is that the integrated development environment (IDE) is free. The IDE checks the program for errors. It also compiles and installs the program on the microcontroller. A microcontroller is a small computer with memory and a processor. It holds the program that controls the functions of many common devices. The microcontroller that we use is the ATmega 328P-PU. Many code samples are available. A quick internet search reveals a wide assortment of imaginative Arduino uses. They include robots, gadgets, and scientific instruments. Arduino controls quadcopters and unmanned fixed wing aircraft ( This IDE is featured in undergraduate coding courses at many universities and polytechnics. Michael McRoberts' introductory lab manual (see link below) is an excellent place to start learning to code in the C language. An Arduino lab checklist is included in this section.

In Vancouver, the Arduino Uno programmer is available from Lee's Electronics.


A Complete Beginner's Guide To Arduino - Supplemental Information

Lab 11, Piezo Sounder Melody Player

Lab 15, Dual 8-Bit Binary Counters

Fritzing Breadboard Kate Cho Fritzing
Fritzing Breadboard
Photographer: Kate Cho, June 2013


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Flasher Sketch, Lab No. 1Arduino Programming  ChecklistArduino Servo  Programming Checklist
Arduino Driver  InstallationATmega 328P-PU Pinout
ATmega 328P-PU Pinout
Arduino Uno  Schematic
Arduino Uno

Student Sketches

Ode To JoyLab 27Jian Vern Ng, ProgrammerFire Effect Jazzed It UpLab 9Matthew Nguyen, ProgrammerMozart SerenadeLab 27Kate Cho, Programmer
Can CanLab 27Kate Cho, ProgrammerMinuet in G (C)Lab 27Richard Sun, Programmer

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