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Victor Wang is entering the grade eleven international baccalau-
reate program. He is a keen mathematician, having won many
advanced awards. This is the second year that Victor has gener-
ously volunteered as webmaster. He is also the coding coach for
the Canadian Computing Competition 2017. Following a perfect
score in 2014, Victor placed second overall in the Junior Canadian
Computing Competition 2015. (No winners were declared for
CCC 2016.)

Student Volunteers Needed
  1. Website programming, uploading files, converting to pdf
  2. Photography


Sukhwinder Hayer Talks To Students About His BC Hydro Apprenticeship

In November 2017, Mr. Sukhwinder Hayer spoke to electronics students about his electrical trades apprenticeship with B.C. Hydro. He has already completed three years of a five-year program. Mr. Hayer is a strong advocate for apprenticeships. There are many benefits. He earns while he learns. Each year, he attends an eight-month course at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. There are travel opportunities. Currently, Mr. Hayer works at Terrace and Prince Rupert. He completed five courses in electronics while at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, including the Career Preparation Program in Electronics.

Diana Abundu Designs and Manufactures Robotic Hand with 3D Printer

Diana is a grade twelve student. During the past summer she used an open source 3D modeling application to design a robotic hand. Every phalange was rendered as a three-dimensional image. Each piece is hollow to allow for the internal tendons that are moved by servos. The individual pieces were manufactured with a 3D printer. She will soon begin programming servos to control the fingers and thumb. An Arduino Uno supplies the programming power.
Diana began the project in her grade eleven electronics class. She created a fully articulated index finger. In November, she served a one-week placement with a nonprofit company that makes and services assistive devices for the severely physically disabled. She made a sip-and-puff switch. Diana also designed a cellphone holder, and manufactured it with a three-dimensional printer.

View Diana’s amazing robotic hand in our projects section.

Canadian Computing Challenge 2017

8:15 a.m. Wednesday, February 22
Room 109
Return your completed Teacher Notification Form to room 115.
Practice with the online grader – www.cccgrader.com
Register at
Complete the online Python courses in our list.

Python Workshops

Every Thursday at lunch in room 115
Victor Wang and Jeffrey Shen, grade 11, provide helpful coding advice.
Problems and solutions are explained in detail.
Beginners are welcome to these stimulating hands-on sessions.

Anthony Chang (Grad 2015) Speaks To Grade Ten Electronics Students

Mr. Anthony Chang visited Churchill electronics on Thursday, February 11.
He is completing a first year introductory engineering program at
the Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia. Mr. Chang
plans to continue his studies in electrical engineering at the Vancouver
campus. He stressed the importance of the three electronics courses
which he took at Churchill. His friend, Ms. Celene Cao (Grad 2015) is
taking first year psychology at the main UBC campus. They shared their
experiences. With fifty thousand students enrolled, and classes of several
hundred, both agreed that the smaller Okanagan campus, or nearby
Langara College were more supportive learning environments. The grade
nine and ten students asked our guests many insightful questions.
We hope that Mr. Chang and Ms. Cao will return with an update.

Mike Yang Visits From the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

On Tuesday, January 2nd, 2016, Mr. Mike Yang spoke to two senior
electronics classes. He shared his experiences as a second year
electrical engineering student. Mr. Yang is working closely with
computer science, structural engineering, and electrical engineering
students to design and build a mining robot. The robot will be entered
in a NASA competition at the Kennedy Space Centre this May.
Mr. Yang found the skills and knowledge that he gained in the Churchill
electronics program very useful in his studies, and his participation
in the Mars mining robot venture. We wish the team every success.

Digging the Dirt - Unique Robots Compete in Mining Competition
IRIS Takes Systems Engineering Approach in Lunabotics Competition

Electronics and Robotics
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School
Vancouver, B.C.  Canada

March 24, 2017

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